The Chronicles of Fuzzbutt

Today in the Chronicles of Fuzzbutt: The human tells me that today is a special day for them. Something called “Thanksgiving”, I believe. A day to eat too much and then sleep it off! Don’t know what’s so great about that. I do that every day. A quick search on the Clicky Google Thing however, and I discovered that it has something to do with the founding of this great nation. A day to be thankful that the natives, complete with loincloths and headdress, didn’t kill them and eat them! And considering many of my ancestors have been served with a side of rice, I can definately understand being thankful for that! I can say though, that I do have much to be thankful for; a warm home, a clean litter box, a dog to pester, and a human with a bedroom door to howl at in the early morning. Many kitties don’t have such luxuries! The only thing that would make it any better would be a fishbowl with a couple of goldfish to taunt. Mmm… I can taste the fishbowl water now. But, you know, we can’t have everything. I hear its not a good day to be a turkey though. Getting my head chopped off and my bum stuffed with breadcrumbs isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. Many of you may not know, but a few of my ancestors made the trip on the Mayflower, or as we affectionately call her, the Mewflower! We were charged with keeping the ship “mouse free”. They actually found it easier to just make a deal with them though. “You stay out of human sight, we don’t eat you.” It was a win-win situation really. I mean have you ever tasted mouse? Definately not filet mignon. They are really chewy. One of those things that seems to get bigger the more you chew. Anyway, they stayed out of sight, we slipped them a few fish heads, it was a great arrangement. We came to an agreement, kinda like the sea sick pilgrims and the half naked natives. You scratch my back, I don’t eat you. It was great. So “Happy Thanksgiving” to all the humans out there, and to my fellow felines as well. Hope the human slips and drops some leftover turkey.